Moore Jewelry Store

We do all of our repairs on the premise. We have three full-time jewelers with over 100 years of combined experience. Please note that for any repair estimate, we must see the piece of jewelry.

Basic repair costs
When sizing rings we have to take the stones, size of the ring, size we are going to among other things into consideration. Please give us a call to get a quote!

We do all of our gold and silver casting on the premise. Our custom jeweler is a very talented individual, and all waxes are hand cut, all stones are hand set. We do not cast platinum, titanium or metals other than gold, silver and palladium on the premise. These prices are to give you an idea of cost. For an accurate estimate, please contact Diamond Dee-Lite Jewelry.

Casting Start at $125
Custom Charge Varies
Gold-Market Value
Gemstones-Market Value

For a casting, we would be happy to use your gold and/or gemstones. Mixed karat gold is welcome, however, the quality of your casting will decrease if the gold is less than 10k. We cannot put a karat stamp on any gold except ours. We can trade white gold for yellow, and vice versa as well, however, 20% is lost in the refining process.
If your gemstone is not calibrated we may need to cut a custom head for it.

Custom casting runs from 8-12 weeks.

Please contact Diamond Dee-Lite Jewelry for estimates.